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From left is U.S. President Joe Biden, President Moon Jae-in and Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong / Korea Times file [ANALYSIS] Semiconductors: Moon's leverage at G20 sideline From left is U.S. President Joe Biden, President Moon Jae-in and Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong / Korea Times file Trade-off between peace process, Samsung's US investment looming The top priority for President Moon Jae-in's attendance at this year's G20 Summit in Rome, Italy, is how to win support from U.S. Security Council members to move forward with his idea of making a formal declaration of the end of the Korean War before the end of his term, next year, and how to narrow differences on the timing and conditions for the steps and expected consequences of such a declaration. Moon and his foreign policy teams led by Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong and intelligence chief Park Jie-won have no doubt this year's G20 Summit is Moon's last chance to break the deadlock in the stalled inter-Korean talks. Moon was hoping to hold another summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un before or during the scheduled 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. As leverage and to increase support for the proposal, Moon is expected to actively pitch South Korea's expanded role and contribution in terms of resolving ongoing technology supply chain issues, during a planned session for discussions on the matter to be chaired by U.S. President Joe Biden, on the sidelines of the G20, according to ruling Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) sources, Sunday. "President Moon was stressing South Korea and the United States are aligned in terms of pushing and sharing core strategic initiatives. While it's fair to say Washington officials are doubtful about the urgent need and necessity of a formal declaration to end the Korean War, Moon's position is that South Korea is firmly positioned to stand together with the United States to resolve blocked supply chain issues and also to reaffirm Washington's clear stance in terms of confirming no hostile intent toward North Korea, which would be a plus to break the deadlock in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula," one DPK lawmaker said.


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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share via Email Share via Shortlink From left: Francisco Llado, Gil Dezer, Amir Korangy, Paulo Bacchi, Edgardo Defortuna, Jay Parker, Daniel de la Vega (Artefacto, Getty) To break up the glass-and-steel monotony of his next planned condo tower, developer in the know Gil Dezer will be spending extra money to create a dramatic design element. His Dezer Development is teaming up with Bentley to build the Bentley Residences in Sunny Isles Beach, which will be the luxury automaker’s first residential building in the world. During an architecture panel Thursday evening, Dezer revealed one of the project’s features, triangular windows fastened together to look like diamonds, increased construction costs by more than $10 million. “We had to go ahead and do a ton of testing and really create [the windows] because it has never been done before,” Dezer said. “This is costing me $12 million to $14 million more” than if he were to install standard three-foot wide condo building windows. Dezer was among five speakers on a panel about the impact of architectural design in Miami’s real estate market, moderated by Amir Korangy, chairman and publisher of The Real Deal. The event was hosted by Paulo Bacchi, CEO of Artefacto , at the high-end furniture store’s new Coral Gables showroom at 101 South Dixie Highway. Roughly 500 attendees packed the 40,000-square-foot building, sipping champagne and mingling amid the furniture displays. The evening culminated with a samba band and dancers taking to the stage. In addition to Dezer, president of Dezer Development, the panel included Edgardo Defortuna, president and CEO of Fortune International Realty ; Daniel de la Vega, president of One Sotheby’s International Realty ; Francisco Llado, principal of DOMO Architecture + Design ; and Jay Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman’s Florida region. Korangy pressed the panelists about a perceived lack of originality in recent designs of condo buildings and modern mansions in Miami.