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And what better way to celebrate such a monumental accomplishment than to use it as a way to troll your likely opponent in the 2022 governor's race? That's exactly what Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp did over the weekend -- following the Braves series-clinching win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. "While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the All-Star Game from hardworking Georgians, the Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia," tweeted Kemp . "Chop On, and Go @Braves!" Kemp is referencing the decision by Major League Baseball to click here. pull its annual All-Star game out of Atlanta following the state's passage of a law that makes it harder for people to vote. Georgia was the first state to make its voting process more stringent in the wake of the 2020 election, which former President Donald Trump insisted was fraudulent despite zero evidence of that being the case. "Georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible, and fair," Kemp said at the time of the bill's signing .

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According to a press release set to be released Monday, the hundreds of Full and Partial Stop Work Orders were issued as part of new "Zero Tolerance" safety sweeps of the city's larger and more complex construction sites. The agency says the crackdown was in response to a number of construction deaths that happened earlier this year and the number of sites shut down could still rise. The Buildings' Department is set to release a construction safety report that analyzed the industry over 2019 and 2020. Officials say they hope it will help prevent construction worker injury or death in the future. "Construction deaths are not acceptable. In order to prevent avoidable fatalities, we need better information about construction sites and we need to learn from our mistakes that put workers at risk. This new report does just that," city Council Member and Chair of the Committee on Housing and Buildings Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. said.

Surprisingly, the ecological and genetic reasons behind this drastic difference have remained enigmatic for decades. For this study, Almagro-Moreno, who provides expert opinion to the Food and Drug Administration on flesh-eating bacteria, investigated populations of V. vulnificus in the Indian River Lagoon in East Central Florida because the bacterium is endemic to this region. The aim of the study was to investigate potential genomic and ecological factors that might facilitate the emergence of deadly variants of V. vulnificus. He and his team collected a variety of samples between 2018 and 2019 from two areas of the lagoon, which stretches more than 150 miles from Volusia to Palm Beach County. They investigated a wide range of factors that included variables like the bacterial communities in the environment, water pollutants, dissolved organic matter or the presence of algal blooms among others. Before sampling, the team developed a novel genetic marker that could rapidly screen the samples on a large scale to detect specifically V.

Tesla Share Price Slides After Musk Promises to Sell $21 Billion Stake Car maker’s chief executive asked Twitter users whether he should sell a 10th of his Tesla stock “I was prepared to accept either outcome,” Elon Musk said after polling Twitter users on whether he should sell Tesla shares. Tesla Inc. shares fell in premarket trading after Twitter users directed Chief Executive Elon Musk to sell a 10th of his stock in an online poll. The electric-vehicle maker’s stock lost 5.6% ahead of the bell Monday. “I was prepared to accept either outcome,” Mr. Musk said in a tweet Sunday after participants in the poll backed a sale by 58% to 42%. Neither Mr. Musk nor Tesla has said when a share sale would take place.