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Effective ways of building assurance activities into managing supplier risk Due diligence on suppliers comes with some tough decisions. In the case of Solar Wind, for example, the requirement to break the protected organisation’s security model to be able to install the security tool should have raised the red flag and should have led to a call for compensating controls or a switch to other suppliers. However, the practice of having only a single point of assessment of suppliers (before procurement gives the green light for the contract) makes it difficult for supply chain information security to adjust to changing postures of the company or its suppliers. Questionnaires are useful tools of supplier assurance with some caveats. First of all, the people assessing them, such as the legal or the procurement team, may not have the expertise to identify vulnerabilities and therefore many of them go unflagged. Questionnaires can also get rather complicated and include hundreds of questions – many of them irrelevant to a particular supplier. Tailoring them to individual contracts can increase their effectiveness. A new approach to the buyer-supplier relationship could also go a long way. Rather than looking to find fault with suppliers, buyers should see procurement and regular supplier assessment as collaborative processes based on a partnership. As both of them have a vested interest in avoiding any type of reputational damage that comes with a breach, they should pull together rather than get pitted against each other by cybercrime. For suppliers, offering services with robust information security defences and being collaborative may generate a lot of referrals from their existing customers and therefore lead to better top line results.